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HR and payroll administration

Ademi is an accounting office that provides comprehensive HR and payroll services. We guarantee flexible terms of cooperation, adjusting the scope of services to the individual needs of business entities. We use the best and the most modern software. We are focused on effective action in each of our tasks.

Payroll and Social Security:

We provide efficient outsourcing in payroll and formalities related to the Social Security Institution (ZUS). We guarantee reliable information and efficient flow of data.

  • preparation of the update document of the payer or the insured,
  • correction of errors generated by the ZUS computer system,
  • control of correspondence with ZUS and other institutions,
  • preparation of electronic transfer of settlement declarations,
  • consultation and making arrangements with the leading employee of the Client,
  • inserting the information about the employee or the dismissed employee into the computer system,
  • regulation of the scope of liability in respect to actual damages incurred by the Principal,
  • calculations of additional remuneration components / equivalents, allowances, severance payments, lump sums / taking into account the information provided by the Client,
  • preparation of employee payroll with notations of absenteeism,
  • Admission of the insured payer to social or health security,
  • preparation of monthly reports and account statements,
  • removal of an insured payer from the register, of social security or health insurance,
  • submitting an insured payer, of social security or health insurance,
  • preparation of documents necessary to obtain sickness benefit,
  • amendments of documents and accounting surpluses associated with the sickness payments,
  • compiling the sick leave documentation and delivering it to Social Security,
  • preparation of monthly statement for a down payment on income tax,
  • preparation of pay slips of employees,
  • correcting errors not caused by the Customer fault,
  • exercising control over the deadlines for advance payments and insurance premiums.

HR Service:

The outsourced HR services offered by our accounting office is a practical solution to reduce the costs associated with the expansion of business administration. We carry out services within the scope assigned by the Client.

  • keeping and updating employee files,
  • correspondence with the PIP and other institutions,
  • annotate the employee documentation not caused by the Employer’s fault,
  • conducting consultations and arrangements with Employer’s leading employee,
  • regulate issues relating to civil liability for actual damages suffered by the Employer,
  • drawing up employment contracts, commission contracts, annexes, dismissals and termination of employment contracts,
  • prepare a set of employee’s documents,
  • developing information on the conditions of work (as an annex to the contract of employment),
  • issuing certificates and documents related to employment and remuneration,
  • keeping records of annual leaves, sick leaves and other breaks, keeping time sheets,
  • developing the necessary regulations: jobs, wages, social funds,
  • preparation of precise employees’ declarations .