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Our accounting office is open daily from 8 to 16 and on Fridays until 13

HR and Payroll services

We also encourage you to outsource the management of HR and payroll services in our accounting office.

Account books

Ademi Accounting Office offers full support for all accounting processes and assistance in corporate finance management.

Tax books

Ademi Accounting Office provides comprehensive accounting in the area of tax books services.

Flat-rate record

In cases where the taxpayer settles the taxes charged on a flat-rate basis, the records of a flat-rate are required.

Revenue and Expense ledgers

Our specialty is both simplified and comprehensive bookkeeping.

Registering of new companies

While maintaining comprehensive accounting services, we also help in the process of registration of new companies.

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Accounting for the Cracow

About us…

If you are currently looking for a partner to provide you with an overall accounting services and HR and Payroll services for your company, you should not look any further. Accounting office Ademi was founded to organize the comprehensive accounting and Human Resources maintenance in your company. Our partners appreciate us for our flexibility, solid advice available on every stage of the cooperation and keeping the deadlines. We are responsible for bookkeeping, flat-rate record, keeping the revenue and expense ledgers, HR services, registration of the new companies and training of the Occupational Health and Security and Fire Protection. Upon deciding to work with us you have the guarantee of individually tailored approach and full confidentiality of entrusted information.

We are…?

We know the ins and outs of the work of finance departments – accounting, full accounting, we know the specifics of all organizational and legal forms of running the company, from sole proprietors, civil partnerships general partnerships, limited liability companies, limited partnership to limited joint-stock partnerships. Our competence is confirmed by a long-standing practice, education and acquired certificates
Our goal → Our action → Common success. Supported by our expert knowledge we offer bookkeeping, HR and payroll, along with other services that provide the best solution, often an alternative, a new direction, a look from a different perspective. Achieving the objectives must go hand in hand with economic efficiency. We focus on efficient flat-rate recording, keeping books, revenue and expense ledgers , as well as professional services for fire and occupational safety.
We always offer solutions tailored to the individual profile of your company. With experience we can propose the best solutions and anticipate the results of undertaken actions.
We use the best full accounting software available on the market. We provide 24/7 access to financial data ONLINE and access to a variety of analytical tools supporting the company management through the Internet via the TAXXO application. In addition we are supported by one of the best and constantly updated tax-legal database, and we are highly proficient in using it.
Our accountancy office is obliged to keep all facts and data obtained in the course of cooperation secret. The obligation of confidentiality is strictly observed by the owners, the employees and associates of the office. We keep the books and other documents received from the customer in a way that protects them from destruction and any access by third parties.
We take responsibility for accounting services performed in accordance with the Accounting Act. We have compulsory civil liability insurance for bookkeeping and tax consultancy and additional insurance for other risks in the amount of PLN 100 000.
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Maintained clients
Tax returns
Years of experience

Are you wondering what is it like to work with us?

In brief description…

We manage the tax-legal analysis of your enterprise

Such analysis enables us to estimate in which fields we might assist you

Cooperation establishment

Agreement, power of attorney to represent in front of tax authorities, ZUS, GUS, PIP and others

Precise establishment of the cooperation guidelines

Guidelines of documents reception, procedures of proceedings and describing the documents, transmission of the schedule of budgetary burden and personal data of contact persons

Receiving the first documents for accounting and upon becoming acquainted

Exchange of information, assistance in issuing all kinds of accounting documents, contracts, etc. Providing templates and guidelines for completion of transfers of tax, ZUS, PFRON, understandable answers to ALL questions,

Constant contact and consultation

Preferably by e-mail, in case of more complex problems we arrange an appointment

Professional safety training

We are able to carry out professional safety training for companies operating in Cracow, as well as other cities.